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Being Eye Healthy

6 tips for Eye Care

Hello Loves!

Many of the patients who I see on a daily basis ask me about eye health. This got me thinking about how to better educate my patients about various things that we can do on a daily basis to improve our eye health. These six easy steps are adapted from WebMD.

1. Eat Healthy. Various things can be included in your diet to ward off age related vision problems like macular degeneration and cataracts disease. Adding lutein, zinc, Vitamins C and E as well as Omega 3 Fatty Acids greatly improves your eye health. An added benefit of eating well is that it promotes a healthier lifestyle by decreasing your risk for or even reversing type 2 diabetes, which can be a visually devastating disease. Eat Well. Look Better. Feel Great.

2. Stop Smoking. As in NOW. Smoking in general is bad for your health, but in the eyes it can cause utter mayhem. Smoking has been proven to worsen diseases such as macular degeneration. Take step towards quitting today!

3. Sunglasses. Summer, summer, summer time! Many places sell sunglasses but choose wisely. In order to been eye healthy they should block 99-100% of both UVA and UVB rays. The type of eye ware that you choose can even help with glare.

4. Safety Eyewear. I call this my splashable mashable rule. If you’re smashing something, for example with a drill, hammer, chainsaw, wear protective goggles. If you are working with splashable chemicals, use protection! And if the eye can get smashed, wear protection! Another important note is that if you are legally blind in one eye, defined as a best corrected(with glasses, contacts etc) vision of 20/200 or worse, you MUST protect your better seeing eye. This means wearing polycarbonate lenses during all of your activities of daily living.

5. Step away from that computer! Even as a blogger, I am a strong advocate of this. Many hours of visual media can cause blurry vision, eyestrain, dry eyes, headaches etc. Get off of that keister and move!

6. Come see me! Go and see your eye doctor regularly. Many patients that I see tell me that they haven’t seen a doctor in years. Several of these same patients present only when things are really bad. One of my missions is preventative health and eye care. You can’t prevent what you don’t catch early. We love seeing you every year!

I welcome any comments and questions! Comment, share, discuss.

Stay Eye Healthy,




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Getting Paleo with Peruvian Chicken

peruvian chicken


After work yesterday I finished one of my rotations for my residency and wanted to treat myself, a kind of mental pat on the back. I was like, ahh! Paleo! How can I possibly find something to eat outside? Surprisingly, there are various paleo friendly restaurants or if you ask they can “paleofy” your meal. I happened to remember this amazing Peruvian chicken that my mom brought home from work a while back and I was like yum, meat is paleo! Then I got to this amazing place in College Park, MD called Sardi’s Pollo a la Brasa. They serve DELICIOUS Peruvian chicken, slow roasted on a spit right in front of you. The spices on the chicken are out of this world.  Somehow the chicken is nice and moist as well. They also have a nice selection of sides. My favorite paleo selections are the yuca fries and the fried plantain. Oh my goodness, yuca fries are scrumptious little golden treats. They are made from the cassava plant and if you have never tried one, try it! It will change your world. And I think the fried plantain speaks for itself. They are perfectly ripe, soft, sweet, and amazing. Definitely a paleo friendly dinner for me!




RA Sushi

Hello All,

Here again, with this weeks inside scoop.  A few years ago I embarked on my “sushi journey”. Prior to this I was highly opposed to eating sushi, but after one try, I’ve been hooked since. I have tried almost every sushi restaurant in the Baltimore Metropolitan area, as well as many in DC. However, I realized no matter how fancy the area the restaurant is located may be, I still found myself going back to RA Sushi. RA Sushi located in downtown baltimore offers a series of mainstream rolls, as well as many house specialized rolls. Their food is made in the most pristine environment, with the freshest products. The portions are also very filling, usually including at least eight rolls.

My favorite day to come to RA sushi is on Sunday’s. This is because during their Sunday happy hour all rolls are half off , in addition to their delicious cocktails.  RA Sushi also serves other dishes besides sushi. Their calamari is excellent and made to perfection!Despite RA’s high Zagat ratings, their food is surprisingly extremely affordable, especially during the happy hour special. With at least fifteen to twenty dollars (if not less) you are sure to get a filling meal and cocktail.

The atmosphere is relaxing despite the constant chatter. I would not necessarily recommend it for lounging but it is a nice catch-up spot for old friends or just a “chill” outing. However, not quite comfortable enough to get lost in time. ( Most likely this is intentional, because the food is delicious so they need to keep the flow of traffic going :P)

I will actually be visiting RA Sushi this Sunday… maybe I’ll see you there!


Signing Out,



ra sushi



Living the Paleo Life! Week 1 Update


Hey Loves,

This past week has been pretty good! I have been privileged enough to be in residency with an awesome paleoista. When I go to the hospital cafeteria with her, I’m constantly asking, “Is this Paleo?” To my surprise, a lot of what I have been eating has already been Paleo. The only real thing I’m giving up is my rice. Ahhh! My people eat rice. I was probably conceived and birthed in a bowl of rice. I am currently in search of carb substitutes. Zucchini pasta is delicious and I was turned on to that before I tried the Paleo life. So far, I am enjoying the freedom of my bowels. Seriously though, this lifestyle choice has been great for my finicky bowels. The train always rolls on time now. I also feel that my sensitive skin is benefiting from it as well. But who knows if it is due to the diet or the fact that I am more conscious of what is in the things that I put on and in my body. Alright, gotta get back to work!

Until Next Week Darlings!