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Giddy Yup to the West Coast

Hey Lovelies,

This year has been absolutely crazy for me. Crazy. From being a senior ophthalmology resident, to finding a fellowship and finally moving to California for Fellowship from Maryland. I wanted to share  about my trip to the west coast and hopefully give some helpful hints or advice on making such a big move.

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It’s Expensive!

-When my senior resident told me to save for senior year. I should have listened. The move ending costing me about $6,000!!! AHH(REAL TEARS). So my first advice would be to save, save, save.

Car Move

– So there was a huge debate as to whether I should ship my car or drive it. Please do your research. Driving from the east coast to the west coast is about 40hrs and unless you have someone willing to give up a week of their time to drive with you then you are out of luck. I did my research and decided to ship my car. It cost me about $1200 which was a pretty good deal. Driving would have saved me money but not the headache. I calculated it out to about $800 for gas, hotels, food etc to drive. If you decide to ship PLEASE do your research. All of the online people are brokers. This means that you contact them, they contact different trucking companies and basically negotiate shipping your car for a proposed price. And if a truck has space and is willing to pick up your car for the price then you are good to go. The first company that I called was a nightmare. The negotiation process took forever and they never ended up getting back to me. This is when Angie’s List saved my life. I looked up a car shipping company near me and Angie’s list told me an excellent one that I called and within 24 hrs they got back to me with a shipping company. Thanks Ang! Be aware that the trucks are huge and need a large area to pick up your car so unless your neighborhood has decent road space they will ask to meet you at a large parking lot to drop/pick up your car. It was all relatively smooth except for the part where I wasn’t able to link up with my driver in Cali and they wanted to hide my car keys on the property. SAY WHAT?! This is where having a broker is important. I called the broker and they were like- O HECKS NAW. So that was the end of that.

Moving My Stuff

-I decided to move all of my things across the country. Mind you there are cheaper options such as flying over and just buying everything new. But my things were relatively new and I have moved 6 times in one year already(thank you residency) and I couldn’t stand having to pick out new furniture and having to assembly it, etc. And I looked up the prices for buying new things and it wouldn’t have saved me enough to be significant. I chose U-box. The price was right and much cheaper than PODs, etc. The only thing is that the U-box customer service kind of sucks. No lie, I had an issue with them and spent 4 hours on the phone with them to get it resolved. I liked U-box because you can hire movers on both ends to pick up your box and load/unload it. I chose that option and that was relatively smooth.

Things that I will never do again-Not save, Not check Angie’s list first.


Whew! Hope this helps!



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