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*…Let it Be Sperrys!

sperrys 2


Why am I so WEIRD?!

Christmas?- Gimme Sperrys.

Birthday?!- Gimme Sperrys.

Labor Day?!?- Gimme Sperrys.

Any Day?!?!- Gimme Sperrys.

Mama loves her Sperrys. Mama loves her Sperrys. It’s simple. They are comfortable, stylish, and SO COMFORTABLE. Let me take you back to the beginning of my love affair with these dreamboats. I was in highschool and happened to notice that my brother’s shoes were worn in perfectly. I started to salivate at the thought of having shoes that would mold to my feet just like that. I asked him what brand they were and he told me Sperrys and just like that, “match made in heaven”. For me and my aggressive girl tomboyish style(did I mention they have SPARKLES?!), it was kismet. I currently have 6 pairs in rotation. I wear them to work, shop, and play. Yes, I know for you financial struggling people out there (like me!), Sperrys are PRICEY. That’s why you bargain shop:



These are my go to sites for my shoe obsession. Feel free to join me in my madness. #Sperrysforever 🙂


Besos Loves,









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