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Living the Paleo Life! Week 1 Update


Hey Loves,

This past week has been pretty good! I have been privileged enough to be in residency with an awesome paleoista. When I go to the hospital cafeteria with her, I’m constantly asking, “Is this Paleo?” To my surprise, a lot of what I have been eating has already been Paleo. The only real thing I’m giving up is my rice. Ahhh! My people eat rice. I was probably conceived and birthed in a bowl of rice. I am currently in search of carb substitutes. Zucchini pasta is delicious and I was turned on to that before I tried the Paleo life. So far, I am enjoying the freedom of my bowels. Seriously though, this lifestyle choice has been great for my finicky bowels. The train always rolls on time now. I also feel that my sensitive skin is benefiting from it as well. But who knows if it is due to the diet or the fact that I am more conscious of what is in the things that I put on and in my body. Alright, gotta get back to work!

Until Next Week Darlings!



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