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Say What?! Blurred Vision Can be a Sign of Dry Eyes?

dry eye

Dear Lover of Knowledge,

Does your vision get worse towards the end of the day? Do you find that when you watch TV or are working on your computer, your vision gets blurred and it is hard for you to focus? Do your eyes feel gritty and irritated all the time? Do they sting, burn, or tear constantly? Are they always red?

These could all be signs of dry eye. Dry eye can be a result of a myriad of things including but not limited to abnormal tear production, inadequate maintenance of your natural tear film, abnormality in your tear drainage system or malposition or malfunction of your eyelids. To make things even more complicated it can be combination of any of these things. There are also some diseases that can predispose patients to suffer with this more often than not, specifically blepharitis, facial palsies, and Sjogren’s syndrome. Dry eye disease can range from mild to severe debilitating disease. Dry eyes can reek havoc to the surface of your cornea, and if that surface isn’t smooth or optically optimized, the light from the outside can not be transmitted to your brain appropriately in the form of a crisp clear image.

Some steps that can be taken for immediate relief are eye drops. Ophthalmologists recommend preservative free eye drops. These drops help to replace/supplement your natural tear production and coat that dry surface. Other things such as gel eye drops can be used also, but bear in mind that the clarity of vision is altered more from this thicker formula. Ointment can be used at night time to help protect the surface of your eye while you sleep. If these more conservative methods don’t work, prescription eye drops can be given, punctual plugs can be placed, and your drainage system can be probed and eye lid position can be changed.

Do not struggle with this on your own! Talk to your eye doctor today so that you can make a plan together to tackle this problem.

Hope always,



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