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Sight for Sight


Howdy Ya’ll,

     This week’s edition of Sunday Service focuses on an amazing mission by a wonderful company- Toms. Did you know that blindness is one of the most common ailments globally and yet it is one that can be prevented or cured with the right resources? Blindness is something that affects everyone around us. For example: cataracts disease which is basically having a cloudy lens in your eye that prevents you from seeing clearly, can be removed in a quick painless procedure. Imagine not being able to work or learn because you can’t see the board at school  or the newspaper’s classified column. This can be easily remedied with the right pair of prescription glasses. Toms has an amazing initiative called sight for sight. Basically, one pair of Toms glasses = Sight for one person. This means prescription glasses, sight saving surgery, or medical treatment. The Toms’ website says the following: “We’re committed to investing in sustainable eye care for the long term. With the help of Seva Foundation, our lead Sight Giving Partner, we support locally based organizations that train local residents to provide professional care. So it’s not just an investment in the clinics and hospitals; it’s an investment in the people who work in them.” They provide this service in Cambodia, Guatemala, Nepal, many other places including , yup, right at home in the US. Please join this incredible mission. This right here is love.

More information is provided at this link:

“whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for Me” Matt 25:40

With Love,



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