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RA Sushi

Hello All,

Here again, with this weeks inside scoop.  A few years ago I embarked on my “sushi journey”. Prior to this I was highly opposed to eating sushi, but after one try, I’ve been hooked since. I have tried almost every sushi restaurant in the Baltimore Metropolitan area, as well as many in DC. However, I realized no matter how fancy the area the restaurant is located may be, I still found myself going back to RA Sushi. RA Sushi located in downtown baltimore offers a series of mainstream rolls, as well as many house specialized rolls. Their food is made in the most pristine environment, with the freshest products. The portions are also very filling, usually including at least eight rolls.

My favorite day to come to RA sushi is on Sunday’s. This is because during their Sunday happy hour all rolls are half off , in addition to their delicious cocktails.  RA Sushi also serves other dishes besides sushi. Their calamari is excellent and made to perfection!Despite RA’s high Zagat ratings, their food is surprisingly extremely affordable, especially during the happy hour special. With at least fifteen to twenty dollars (if not less) you are sure to get a filling meal and cocktail.

The atmosphere is relaxing despite the constant chatter. I would not necessarily recommend it for lounging but it is a nice catch-up spot for old friends or just a “chill” outing. However, not quite comfortable enough to get lost in time. ( Most likely this is intentional, because the food is delicious so they need to keep the flow of traffic going :P)

I will actually be visiting RA Sushi this Sunday… maybe I’ll see you there!


Signing Out,



ra sushi