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survival2 Hey Lovers of Life! So this year has been especially rough for me. Eye surgery is no joke. For reals. I have recently had some time for reflection and have come up with a survival guide for fellow residents or women in the business field. This is applicable to many fields of work…so take it and run with it. 🙂

  1. Make  lists. I am a huge list maker. It makes me feel better to be able to cross things off (neurotic, yea?) and I can see that I am actually making progress to my goal.
  2. Remember the BIG picture. All these struggles are only temporary. The best is yet to come.
  3. Be your own cheerleader. Tell yourself how good you are by putting sticky notes on the fridge, mirror etc.
  4. Have your own theme song. Pick that perfect song that describes you. I call it your “Rocky” song. ..”She’s a BRICK..HOUSE”..haha. In all seriousness, music is like magic for the soul. Use it.
  5. Reflect. Reflect. Reflect. I personally have allotted time for prayer and reflection daily. I call these my moments with God. What I can’t do, HE can.
  6. Stay healthy. As a very wise blond once said, “Exercise gives you endorphins and endorphins make you happy.” It’s true. I try to work out for at least 30 minutes a day. I am what I like to call an avid walker. I shake my hips as fast as my fists.
  7. Be social! I’m serious. Although it may seem more productive to study and be a hermit from the world, being social helps you because it releases tension and helps with keeping perspective. I study better when I have something to look forward to!
  8. Dare I say have STUDY BREAK DANCE PARTIES?! Yes, I mean, all out, by yourself, shaking what your mama gave you, DANCE PARTIES. Studies show that studying for too long intervals can actually be detrimental to your retention. Break It up and Break it on DOWN.
  9. Sleeeeeep. It’s fuel for your brain. You retain more and you look better too! Sleep is amazing for your skin
  10. Take care of yourself. If you aren’t able to function, how can you help others? Don’t do too much. Love yourself and in doing so love others. I promise you will be happy!

Love, Love, and Cake, LoeilMD



Like Britney Spears Sings..”It’s Been a While…



First, I MUST apologize. Life has been majorly busy busy BUSY. But as things are back in line, I’m back to blogging. Needed to re-center. Re-focus. Reconstruct. I’m happy to be sharing my new experiences with you as I try a new, fresher, direction. 🙂 My goal is to blog weekly. The usual business, plus my new exciting project which is to work to promote Women in Ophthalmology. The eye is a beautiful thing my dears and women are becoming leaders in the cutting edge (get it?) world of eye surgery, practice, and management. Join me as I celebrate all that we have done and are accomplishing.


With all Love,