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The Battle For Bright Eyes!

Dark Circles

Hey Super Stars,

Many of the patients that I see ask me how to tackle discoloration or dark circles under their eyes. This can range from mild discoloration to significant pigmentary changes. The eyes are known as the window to the soul. There is no reason that this window is covered by serious shade. Here are my 5 tips to reveal bright sparkling eyes and a new fresher you!

1. GET SLEEP. Sleep is not only good for the soul but it is a key part to regenerating healthy cells all over your body especially the skin under your eyes.

2. Don’t RUB. I have seen patients in the examination chair rub the daylight right out of their eyes. The more you rub, the more you promote abnormal skin turnover underneath the eyes. If you find yourself constantly rubbing your eyes during the day, if your eyes feel itchy, dry, or constantly irritated, you should go to your ophthalmologist and get checked out. You could be suffering from chronic dry eye or ocular allergies.

3. Sunscreen is your BEST Friend. Slather that on your face before you leave the house every day. I use at least SPF 30 before I leave the house every morning. I specifically target the skin around my eyes. This protects that skin from the harmful degenerative properties of the UV light from the sun. (Sunshades..sunshades..sunshades also!)

4. Watch Your Mouth! Seriously, what you take in is vital to maintaining or returning that healthy glow. Vitamin A is one such thing that can also be found in over the counter creams and lotions. Vitamin A improves skin turnover revealing smoother younger looking skin! Vitamin C and K helps to target dark spots and Vitamin E helps retain moister to keep the skin in that area full. Remember thin dry skin  adds decades to your look. As an aside, in addition to eating right, topical formulations of these vitamins work wonderfully to reveal a brighter appearance. I personally like to use Vitamin C and Collagen under my eyes every night to keep my under eye area tight and bright 🙂

5. Take care of yourself. Stay fit and active. Feed your soul and enrich your mind. What’s inside eventually shines through on the outside. Let what’s inside be brilliant!

With all the best,



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