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The Eye APP that could Revolutionize Global Healthcare


Hey Darlings,

BBC News posted about this amazing app yesterday and I couldn’t wait to share this with you! It’s about two issues that are very near and dear to my heart, Global Healthcare and Preventative Medicine. It’s called the Portable Eye Examination Kit or PEEK. It was developed by the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine. It can use your smartphone’s camera to scan the eye for diseases such as cataracts. Cataract disease involves clouding of the lens in the eye. The World Health Organization estimates it as the world’s leading causes of blindness, affecting at least 22 million people worldwide. This number is estimated to double by 2020. Cataracts, though devastating, blindness secondary to them, is preventable. PEEK can do so much more than just scan the eye for cataracts, it can also examine the retina, and aide in checking vision. This app takes a huge step towards diagnosing this disease and aids in prevention of blindness.

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For more information about PEEK check out BBC News:

For more information about cataracts:


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